If you've tuned into Charlotte Hornets games this season, you may have noticed that Jeremy Lin has been sporting a rather unique spiky hairstyle. Gone is the fade-like hairstyle that he has had since he entered the league in 2011. Now Lin has perhaps the most interesting hairdo in the NBA.

Lin wrote about his new look at the start of the season in his personal blog, giving some reasoning behind it:

I'm not cutting my hair though. Me and six others (including my bro, cousin, trainer, agent, etc.) have agreed to eventually have the same hairstyle. 

Growing your hair out with six other people is a serious commitment but Lin is sticking to it. Even if at times it looks like he has a bowl cut:

With gel, Lin looks like a character out of Dragon Ball Z. However he was quick to dismiss this as his inspiration when asked about his hair after the Hornets shootaround in San Antonio on Saturday morning.

"I'm growing it out with some friends," Lin told CBS Sports. "There are seven of us that are doing the same hair style and right now we are in the middle phase. You gotta do something with it, so that's why I spike it up now. It's not what I'm going for. It's not the final product. It wasn't like one day I want to do that [his current look], it just kind of came about."

Even though Lin's hair is not grown to the length of his liking just yet, he swears that his spiky look doesn't take long to pull off. Lin is not one of those obsessive mirror watchers that has to make sure every strand of hair is spiked up accordingly.

"Everyone thinks it takes a long time," Lin told CBS Sports. "But it really just takes like three minutes. I just throw the gel in there and spike it up."


Jeremy Lin's hair is not yet a finished product.
Jeremy Lin's hair is not yet a finished product. (USATSI)