Some dude proposed at a preseason Celtics game

I don't mind the whole "proposing at a sporting event" thing. It's relationship-dependent. If your significant other is hugely into their team, it gives you a great connection for your relationship to something the two of you share. It puts the other person a little on the spot, what with the cameras and jumbotron and crowd of thousands, but some people think it's cool when everyone cheers. 

But I gotta ask this question. 


I totally understand if you really want to give her the experience at a game, and can't afford tickets. NBA tickets are horribly overpriced, and if you want to give her that experience... 

But come on, man! It's preseason! You proposed at a preseason game! Your marriage is built on Kelly Olynyk dominating! 

I mean, she looks happy, so there's that. Of course, that could be related to what appears to be foot tall pina colada next to her.

Uh.... congrats to the happy couple? 

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