Sources: Howard retreating to Colorado or Montana for decision

Dwight Howard's first decision after his team meetings is where to camp out for the July 4 weekend. (USATSI)
Dwight Howard's first big decision after his team meetings is where to camp out for the July 4 weekend. (USATSI)

Having heard all the pitches and gathered the information he needs, Dwight Howard is going off the grid for the weekend to weigh his options with his team of advisers.

Before the "what" and "when" of Howard's free-agent decision, the All-Star center and his team must decide the "where." Two options under consideration for Howard's camp to consider his options, according to league sources: a resort area in Colorado and a remote ranch in Montana.

"Great meetings with @DwightHoward," one of Howard's agents, Happy Walters, tweeted on Wednesday. "Group going 2 get some mountain air to clear the mind and make some decisions."

Once the location of Howard's free-agent summit is determined on Wednesday, he and his representatives will begin the task of sorting through the options they've been presented with since the free-agent negotiating period opened on Monday at midnight ET. Does he stay with the Lakers or bolt for Houston, Dallas, Atlanta or Golden State?

And once he decides that, how and when will Howard deliver the news? The Miami Heat have nothing to do with this, but as their coach, Erik Spoelstra, might say: everything is on the table.

"The meetings were all very interesting," a person involved in the process told "Each [was] very individualized for the team and city they repped. Super impressed by all."

Only one thing is clear: Howard won't be announcing his free-agent decision in a nationally televised marketing disaster, as LeBron James did in 2010. Twitter is believed to be one option, but given Howard's personality and camera presence, my money's on a tweet linking to a YouTube video.

The possible locations for Howard's decision-making summit are, in some ways, just as interesting as the decision itself. If Howard chooses to retreat to Montana with his advisers for the July 4 weekend, league sources say he'll be hunkered down not far from where former Lakers coach Phil Jackson finds his inner Zen. If it's Colorado, Howard will have plenty of company. Half of LA's rich and famous -- and a good portion of its rich and not-so-famous -- vacation in Aspen for the holiday weekend.

Either way, the courtship is over. Now, it's Howard's show and we're all just waiting for the curtain to rise.

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