Jesse Johnson (USA Today)

San Antonio Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan has had an eventful offseason that included chasing an intruder out of his home. Last month, DeRozan was at his home in L.A. when he heard an unusual noise near his children's play area. He went to go check out the situation and found himself face-to-face with an intruder that he proceeded to chase out of his house. The incident was first reported by TMZ, and DeRozan confirmed the report while speaking with media members recently. 

"Everything is good," DeRozan said of the situation. "I grew up in Compton, California, I've been through worse." 

After he was chased out of DeRozan's home, the intruder returned to DeRozan's gated community a short time later, per TMZ. He was ultimately stopped and arrested. He was charged with one count of felony burglary, and was also hit was a restraining order that prevents him from returning to the community. 

Once in custody, the individual told police that he intended to break into the home of reality television star Kylie Jenner. Thus, it appears as though DeRozan's home wasn't his intended target. Luckily, the individual was caught without incident. Nothing was taken from DeRozan's home, and no one was hurt. 

DeRozan, 31, has one year remaining on his current contract with the Spurs after he recently decided to opt into his $27 million player option for the 2020-21 season. 

"I wasn't satisfied the way we ended the season," DeRozan said about his decision to remain in San Antonio for another season, via the San Antonio Express-News. "It's always easy to kind of cop out and find a different situation that can heighten your chances to be more successful. I never ran from a challenge. I felt like there was so much left on the table for us to do, especially the way we played in the bubble. It was me feeling like there was unfinished business."  

The Spurs will open the 2020-21 season against the Memphis Grizzlies on Dec. 23.