Spurs' Gregg Popovich 'envious' of the Warriors, calls them 'unsolvable'

Starting off the season in historic fashion, the Golden State Warriors are focused on not only defending their 2015 championship but also surpassing the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' record of 72 regular-season wins. This is not a foregone conclusion though as the Warriors still have 30 games left and then have to get past other Western Conference elite teams in the playoffs, like the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As of right now, the Spurs are second in the West with a 45-8 record and seem like the most likely challenger to the Warriors. This may be because Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is "envious" of how Golden State plays and literally thinks about how to beat the Warriors all the time.

From ESPN's Marc Stein:

"I've spent more time thinking about Golden State than I have any other team I've ever thought about in my whole career," Popovich told ESPN Radio on Friday. "Because they are really fun. I'd go buy a ticket and go watch them play. And when I see them move the ball, I get very envious. When I see them shoot uncontested shots more than anybody else in the league, it's inspiring. It's just great basketball.
"So I'm actually enjoying them very much. You try to solve them, but they're in a sense unsolvable because it's a particular mix of talent that they have. It's not just that Steph [Curry] can make shots or that Klay can make shots or that Draymond Green is versatile. Everybody on the court can pass, catch and shoot. And they all get it."
"They're for real," Popovich added. "They're talented. But they're also very, very smart."

While it is hard to imagine Popovich enjoys losing to the Warriors, Golden State already blew out San Antonio once this year. It is great to hear that Pop can appreciate the brilliance of his opponent. Golden State's head coach, Steve Kerr, once played for the Spurs so Popovich must have at least a small sense of pride in his former player's success as a coach. And the Warriors also play beautiful basketball, expertly spacing the floor and sharing the ball on offense while also playing suffocating defense.

It is interesting to hear Popovich say that the Warriors are unsolvable. Pop is a master at figuring out how to best take advantage of matchups and it seems like with Golden State, he still hasn't figured that out yet. But he will have several more times to do so as the regular season draws to a close.

The Spurs play the Warriors three more times in the regular season and if everything shakes out their respective ways, the two teams should likely meet in the Western Conference Finals. And who knows, by then Popovich may have solved out how the Spurs can beat the Warriors. 

Pop loves watching Steph and the Warriors play.
Pop loves watching Steph and the Warriors play. (USTAI)
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