Kawhi Leonard has established himself as one of the NBA's most elite players over the last few seasons as he proved he could do just about everything for the Spurs. Running offense, scoring, anchoring a defense, Leonard can do it all. His importance to the Spurs was never more apparent than when he went down in the playoffs last season with an ankle injury.

Spurs fans are sure to be excited to have Leonard back and healthy again, but there's gonna be a bit of a delay between seeing their favorite superstar. Leonard will miss the entirety of the preseason while he rehabs from an right quad injury. 

Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard continues a rehabilitation program for right quadriceps tendinopathy. He is expected to miss the 2017 preseason. A timeline for his return to the court will be determined at a later date.

Initially this seems like it's not a huge problem. Just something for Leonard to get through before the season starts, but Gregg Popovich spoke to the media about it and now it sounds like this is a long-term injury that Leonard has been dealing with since last season. 

"We're still rehabbing his thigh. He'll probably miss the beginning of preseason, or a good deal of preseason. We're not going to put a time table on him. He's working at it and we'll get him back as soon as we can."

"Nothing happened this week this is just from last year. Working on things from last year. It's going a little more slowly than we thought."

Is it related to the ankle injury from last year?

"No. Ankle's fine."

Leonard being out for an extended period of time would be a worst-case scenario for San Antonio. The Spurs rely on him so much in their current system that anytime he's out there's a noticeable absence. That said, missing the preseason isn't a huge problem for the Spurs. As long as Leonard is back and healthy by the time the regular season begins then all will be fine.

However, it's concerning to hear that Leonard is dealing with an injury lingering from last season. The hope is that he'll be ready to go by the regular season, but his status will be worth keeping an eye on as the season approaches.