Spurs light up the scoreboard and the Heat's defense early in Game 3

The Miami Heat didn't do a great job of taking care of the ball in the first half, but they shot the ball extremely well. They scored 50 points on 55.9 percent shooting, made half of their 14 3-point attempts and received a remarkable 14-point first quarter from LeBron James.

And yet none of it has mattered. In most cases, the Heat would be "shooting the lights out." That's not the case in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The San Antonio Spurs have destroyed the lights, set fires to American Airlines Arena and have led by as many as 25 points. At one point, they had 48 points on 18 shots. Overall, they're shooting 75.8 percent from the field, after hovering around 80 percent for most of the first 24 minutes.

The Spurs have hit 7 of 10 from 3-point range and have more made free throws (14) than the Heat have attempted (7). They technically cooled off from the 41-point first quarter they dropped on the Heat as if they were running through a light scrimmage with a couple of days off in the middle of the season. But their 30-point second quarter still came on 66.7 percent from the field and they haven't cooled off in terms of what humans are supposed to do with a basketball at the highest level.

How bad is the carnage by the Spurs? This is the largest halftime lead by a road team in the NBA Finals since 1996. This is the first 70-point first half by a Finals team since the Lakers dropped 75 on the Celtics in Game 2 of the 1987 Finals.

Just check out their shot chart. This isn't so much a shot chart as it looks like a beautiful meadow where animals roam free:

Kawhi Leonard's 18 points have led the way. The Spurs' third year forward has made up for a Game 2 in which he spent a lot of the game in foul trouble and could only watch as his team collapsed and couldn't execute on either end of the court down the stretch. 

The Heat have made their runs at times in the second quarter, but the cushion the Spurs seem to have built early is probably too much to overcome. They still ended up with a 71-50 lead at halftime, and if they keep shooting like this, we may as well run fire drills for much of the second half to help people in the building escape safely. 

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