Spurs mascot runs onto court to catch loose bat while dressed as Batman

One of the most well-known non-basketball highlights to happen during a game is Manu Ginobili's legendary snare of a loose bat during a San Antonio Spurs game back in 2009. But he's no longer on the team, and apparently, the bats must know that. 

Some of them showed up the other night when the Spurs were taking on the Brooklyn Nets, causing a delay, and one reappeared to try and wreak havoc on Saturday night during the Spurs' game against the New Orleans Pelicans. Unfortunately for the bat, the Spurs were ready this time. Not with Ginobili, but with a superhero. 

Just a few minutes into the game, a bat started flying around the court near the players, most of whom wanted nothing to do with it. Rudy Gay ran away, LaMarcus Aldridge threw the basketball at it and many players on the bench tossed towels. Then, Batman came running in to save the day. 

OK, so it was actually just the Spurs' mascot dressed as Batman, but it was still pretty funny, and ultimately impressive when The Coyote managed to snare the bat in his giant net. 

Pretty sure a giant net usually isn't on Batman's tool belt, but the Dark Knight is known to improvise.

In the end, the best reaction to the event came from someone who wasn't even at the game. Milwaukee Bucks big man Brook Lopez said that he's excited about the infestation of bats because it increases the chances of becoming a superhero. 

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