Spurs' Tim Duncan says he can beat Kyle Anderson in a foot race

San Antonio Spurs forward Kyle Anderson has the nickname "Slow-Mo" for good reason. For a professional athlete, especially one who grew up playing point guard, he has almost no explosiveness. His craftiness and vision earned him comparisons to Boris Diaw even before the Spurs drafted him, and he was already quite a Diaw fan because he's a fellow "slowpoke."

So when 39-year-old future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan says he can beat his 22-year-old teammate in a foot race, he might be right.

Perhaps even better than that quote: Manu Ginobili agreed with Duncan's assessment, and said that he'd like to put Diaw in the race, too.

Duncan was referring to the following play from Monday's 98-84 win over the Phoenix Suns, in which Anderson gets a steal and then sloooooowly goes the other way for an uncontested dunk on the, uh, fast break:

Anderson was quite fortunate that no other Suns player was near him, and Markieff Morris paused for a beat before chasing him. Last year, against the Houston Rockets, Anderson was not as lucky:

My favorite part of this is that Anderson, whose display name on Twitter is "SLOWMO," retweeted the video of Duncan's comment from the San Antonio Express-News' Jabari Young. Here's hoping the foot race actually happens. 

Kyle Anderson moves at his own pace.  (USATSI)
Kyle Anderson moves at his own pace. (USATSI)
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