Spurs coach Gregg Popovich will sit out Saturday's Game 4 of the Spurs' first-round series against the Warriors. Assistant coach Ettore Messina will take his place as coach. This will be the second straight game Popovich has missed following the death of his wife, Erin Popovich, on Wednesday. 

Messina, who's been an assistant with the Spurs since 2014, has won multiple Euroleague championships while coaching in the Italian Basketball League and is considered one of the best European coaches ever.

Popovich has so far not commented on his absence or his wife's passing. Spurs GM R.C. Buford released a statement following Erin's death:

"We mourn the loss of Erin," Buford said Wednesday. "She was a strong, wonderful, kind, intelligent woman who provided love, support and humor to all of us."  

The Spurs are currently down 0-3 to the Warriors. Game 4 will be played on Sunday at 3:30 ET and one more loss would bring an end to their season.