Stan Van Gundy should quit - today

If it's not true, then never mind. But if it's true what has been reported today, that Dwight Howard will be allowed to determine whether his coach (Van Gundy) and general manager (Otis Smith) can return in exchange for his signature on a new contract, then Van Gundy has to quit.

He has to.

Who could work for a franchise that would be so cowardly, despicable, stupid? Same goes for Otis Smith. If it's true that his future in Orlando will be decided by a freaking player on his roster, then it's already been decided. Because he has to resign.

And I'm not writing this to goad them into quitting. I'm laying this out there for you, because what happens in the next day or so will determine the veracity of that report by If it's true, Van Gundy will quit. So will Smith. That's a guess, but that's a fact.

Meanwhile, our Ken Berger reports that Howard has made two lists that we know if: teams he'd like to play for, and teammates he'd like to play alongside. This one, I believe. Howard isn't talking much, but his people -- and the NBA franchises his people are speaking to -- are leaking things left and right. And that report sounds right.

Of course Howard wants to name his teammates, if not his team. Of course he does. Pampered brat. Spoiled baby. LeBron-like coward, afraid to win on anyone's terms but his own.

So glad the NBA put us through a labor stoppage and missed games earlier this season. This is a league that now has things under control, huh?

Good grief ...

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