During the 2016 NBA Finals, Under Armour released a colorway of Stephen Curry's signature sneakers, which earned more jeers than cheers. The all white '"Chef Curry" Curry 2 Low shoes were universally roasted on social media, mainly because they looked like typical Dad shoes or sneakers that nurses would wear.

Dads do in fact love the shoes and despite the internet hate, the sneakers actually sold out almost immediately when released. But although the shoes were popular, Curry never played in them during the Finals. And the reason for that, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell, is because Warriors GM Bob Meyers and Curry's agent forbade the two-time MVP winner from wearing them due to their concerns with what the shoes would do to Steph's previously oft-injured ankles:

Curry also endured some criticism for his Under Armour "Chef" shoe that debuted during the Finals -- a low-cut, plain white shoe that was ridiculed as being a sneaker for nurses or dads.

He revealed for the first time Saturday that he was ready to wear them for Game 4, but was talked out of it by Warriors general manager Bob Myers and his agent Jeff Austin, who were concerned about the low cut given Curry's history of ankle issues.

Curry experienced a number of major ankle injuries early in his career, but has worked hard to strengthen his ankles and hasn't dealt with any serious issues since. He does usually play in high-top shoes, though, so you can understand why Meyers and his agent would have some trepidation with a shoe change in the middle of the NBA Finals.

Would the shoes actually have caused ankle problems for Curry? Perhaps, but like most signature sneaker athletes, Curry worked with Under Armour to design his shoes, so you would think he knows whats best. Plus Curry likely tested the shoes out at some point and gave the OK for a low cut version of the shoe.

Again, making a shoe change during the NBA Finals was probably the right move for Curry to make. It is always best to stick with what's working, and for Curry, he had been comfortably playing in high-tops so there was no real reason to make a change.

And while he didn't wear the shoes when they actually came out, don't be surprised if Curry starts off next season by wearing his gleaming white "Chef Curry" Curry 2 Lows.