Steph Curry and the Warriors have reached their third straight NBA Finals. Their opponent, for the third year in a row, will be the Cavaliers. With two teams so consistently dominating the league there are growing concerns about the lack of parity across the NBA. The NBA has always had less parity than their competitors, but the last few years that's been on full display. This season in particular felt like Golden State and Cleveland were on a collision course the entire way. 

Reporters asked Curry about how their matchup with the Cavs felt inevitable and he took it in a different direction. Not only did he say the NBA has more talent than ever across the board, but he said it was disrespectful of their accomplishments from this season.

"That almost is kind of disrespectful, because it's not like it's easy for us to get here. It wasn't that at all. Us and Cleveland worked our butts off all year to put ourselves in a position to be playing for a championship. The league is as strong talent wise across the board as it's ever been. Every night we get challenged. Obviously we had that one stat I guess, point differential, all year. We had a pretty solid showing in that respect. But, every night was hard. Every night was challenging. You can't just sleep walk through a season and sleep walk through the playoffs and expect to be here. You got to do something. You got to come out every night and prove yourself. Granted, anybody who was betting on who was gonna be in the Finals probably picked those two. It's easy for them to say that and just wake up in June and see it happen. We had to put that work in all year long to make it happen."

While Curry might be underselling the extreme talent that resides on both Golden State and Cleveland, in comparison to the rest of the league, he's not wrong. It's unfair to imply that getting to the NBA Finals is easy. Favorites every year fall short whether it's roster, chemistry, or injuries. So for Curry it has to be frustrating to see people trying to diminish their accomplishments.

That said, disrespectful is a strong word to use. The fact is that Cleveland and Golden State were massively better than everybody they played this season and it never felt like they were going to be truly challenged. Getting to the Finals isn't easy, but it's impossible to ignore the significant talent advantage those two had in comparison to the rest of the NBA.