Stephen Curry injury update: Ankle to keep Warriors star sidelined until March 20

Stephen Curry is the engine that makes the Warriors offense work. He bends defenses the minute he crosses half court, because his shooting can be just that deadly. However, Golden Stat has had to make due playing without its superstar the past couple games due to an ankle injury.

There was hope that Curry would be able to make a quick recovery, but according to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports, Curry will remain out until March 20 while he recovers from his ankle injury. This type of injury is always of concern when it comes to Curry, because of his ankle history.

This has been a frustrating season for Curry. He has been fantastic when he has been on the court, but multiple times this season he has had to sit out with nagging injuries. Obviously he wants to be on the floor and that's where the Warriors want him too, but they also know that it's more important for him to be healthy in the playoffs.

This injury shouldn't be a serious risk to the Warriors' season though. They have managed to survive without Curry so far -- despite two losses since his most recent injury -- and they should be fine until he gets back. 

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