Stephen Curry launches 'UnderRated Tour' and Raja Bell explains how beneficial the project can be

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry knows what it's like to be slept-on. The three-star recruit didn't really break out until an outstanding March Madness performance with Davidson. Since then, he's been one of the leaders of an NBA dynasty and won the NBA's first unanimous MVP vote.

Now, Curry wants to give other players the same opportunity with his "UnderRated Tour," in which he'll look for basketball players to be the next... well... him. Curry is building a legend around himself, and he wants others to do the same.

On Thursday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Raja Bell relays his experience as an under-the-radar basketball recruit in high school. Bell was getting offered scholarships from mid-majors before eventually playing for Boston University and FIU. From there, Bell went undrafted in the NBA draft before playing in the league from 2000-2012.

Bell goes on to talk about how the game today offers young players more chances to get noticed, including the summer camp circuit and AAU. Curry is looking to dig even deeper, however, and it shows with projects like this.

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