Stephen Curry 'overwhelmed' while taking five hours to build basketball hoop at home

Warriors guard Stephen Curry has transformed from mid-major star to one of the greatest shooters that the NBA has ever seen. Considering his three-point shooting acumen, you'd assume that Curry has a place to shoot somewhere on the property of his home in Atherton, Calif.

Well, you would be wrong. Curry, who is stuck at home like most Americans due to the coronavirus outbreak, didn't have a basketball hoop anywhere on his property. He ended up purchasing one recently and had to put together. Due to frustration setting in early on in the process, it took Curry a whopping five hours to build the hoop. 

"I got overwhelmed looking at the manual," Curry told The Wall Street Journal.

Here's more from the WSJ:

After what he could only describe as "a pretty serious effort," Curry finally succeeded at his unexpected assembly job. It only took him five hours.

"I was very confident in myself going in," he said. "That was shot down pretty quick."

The simple act of shooting a basketball in these very strange days turned out to be trickier than Curry anticipated. Even after he was done with the basket, there was something else to do: find a ball. "I sacrificed one of the indoor ones, and it lasted a day and a half," Curry said. "It was worth it."

It's pretty wild that Curry didn't have a place to shoot, considering how much he works on his craft. After all, Curry has shot 43.5 percent from three over the course of his 11-year career with the Warriors and already has the stigma of being one of the best shooters that the game has ever seen. He also lives with his family in a mansion that reportedly cost him $31 million, which you'd think bought him at least one basketball hoop.

The NBA suspended its season on March 11 after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. Right now, it's extremely unclear if the league will resume play at any point this season. While Curry waits to find out when he can return to the court, he can finally get some shots up in his driveway and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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