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Stephen Curry already holds most major Golden State Warriors records. He leads the team in all-time assists, 3-pointers, turnovers and free-throw percentage, and is in the top three in games played, minutes and steals. He is the only two-time MVP in franchise history, and is one of only a few that have won three championships with the franchise. But on Monday, he hit his most significant individual milestone yet as a Warrior. 

For over five decades, Wilt Chamberlain held the Warriors record for most points. Chamberlain didn't spend his entire career with the Warriors but was so dominant in his time there that he managed to rack up 17,783 points. No Warrior approached that total until now. On Monday, Curry broke the record with his 19th point. In true Curry fashion, he got there in the first quarter. 

Curry finished the evening with a ridiculous 53 points in the win over the Nuggets, putting the exclamation mark on his historic night. The two-time MVP is only 33 years old and is expected to re-sign with Golden State at some point before the expiration of his current contract, which runs through next season. If he stays healthy, that means he should be expected to push this record to bold new heights. If he maintains his 23.9 points per game career average over five more healthy seasons, he would retire with over 27,000 career points. Only 13 players in NBA history have ever reached that level of volume scoring.

And Curry has done it all with one team. In an era defined by player movement, Curry has become the face of one of the NBA's most historic franchises without ever seriously considering a departure. It makes the fact that he passed Chamberlain in particular that much more fitting. Wilt posted historic scoring numbers, but did so for several teams. Now, his record belongs to a player who's only ever played for one. Nobody doubted that Curry was the greatest Warrior ever. Now, he has the record to prove it.