Stephen Curry visited Tanzania where his 3-point mark helped fight malaria

This is a month old, but I found it and feel like this needs to be shared. 

So remember when Stephen Curry set the record for most 3-pointers in a season

Well, it was a little publicized at the time, but not nearly enough, that each Curry three-pointer meant three mosquito bed nets donated to Western Tanzania.

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry tips off his Three for Three Challenge this holiday season with Curry donating three life-saving bed nets for every three-pointer he makes this season to the Nothing But Nets campaign. Since his time at Davidson, Curry has been a committed Champion of the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, which distributes insecticide-treated mosquito nets to protect families across Africa from malaria. Curry has made 28 three-pointers so far this season—that means 84 bed nets will help 84 families sleep safe from infection.

“This is a cause that I have been seriously involved with ever since my college roommate started Buzz Kill, a program to help purchase and provide bed nets to families in need,” said Curry. “In launching the Three for Three Challenge, I hope to not only provide much-needed bed nets to the Nothing But Nets organization, but to also help raise awareness of the problem of Malaria and let people know how they can assist. I look forward to visiting Africa this summer, as an ambassador of the United Nation's program, to assist with bed net distribution and witness first-hand how these simple nets can help change and save lives.”

via Stephen Curry Shoots Threes to Save Lives | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS.

Then this summer, Curry actually visited Tanzania to see what his nova fire shooting actually provided: 

"Malaria is most likely to go after the most vulnerable: kids and older people," Curry said, who returned this week. "In the camp we were in, something like 83 kids had died in 2013. It was just crazy."

via Warriors star gives a big assist to fight malaria - San Francisco Chronicle.

So what exactly are these nets? 

What are these bed nets and why are they needed? The first part is easy and the second part is quite disturbing. These bed nets are insecticide-treated mosquito nets that can kill and repel mosquitoes, which can transmit malaria to humans. These nets are needed because malaria kills more than 600,000 people every year, mostly in Africa and mostly children younger than 5.

Malaria kills one person every 60 seconds in Africa. Last year in Nyarugusu, there were more than 62,000 documented cases of the disease. Considering there are only 68,000 who live in the camp, malaria is almost the rule rather than the exception. These bed nets can certainly improve those numbers, as they provide a cost-effective solution ($10 per net) that can reduce the spread of malaria by 90 percent in areas with high coverage rates.

“You just try to use the platform the best way you can,” Curry told Warriors TV this past Spring. “A lot of people who watch our games may not be as aware of the problem of malaria and how preventable it is.”

via Nothing But Nets for Curry in Tanzania | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS.

That's an absolutely unbelievable story that each dagger Curry plunged into his opponent's heart meant increasing the likelihood of a child surviving in Tanzania. That's real, direct impact, not just a photo op. It's enough to make you want Curry to break his own record, three times over. 

Think of it this way, the Knicks' defense contributed 33 bed nets to Tanzania alone! 

If this had carried through to the playoffs, the Nuggets would have blanketed the entire country in nets with their defense on Curry. 

You can learn more about Nothing But Nets' program here

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