LeBron James has been both a basketball superstar and media mogul for some time, and he's already making headlines in his new home thanks to the YouTube documentary series "Best Shot."

Between him and fellow Lakers icon Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles unsurprisingly has no shortage of NBA representation in the movie business. And yet it's not the only California city with a big-name baller dabbling in Hollywood.

The Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry just announced in March the start of Unanimous Media, a production company partnered with Sony Pictures on a film and TV deal. And now, four months later, the group is already developing a handful of full-length movies.

That's according to Andrew Wallenstein, who profiled the three-time NBA champion for Variety and said "the Unanimous team has huddled with execs from divisions all over Sony to advance ideas."

Those ideas include concepts for various TV shows, including miniseries and TV movies, but also, most notably, productions for the big screen. Among them, per Wallenstein, are films "themed to key Christian holidays like Easter and Christmas," a biblical story from Sony Pictures Animation ("Peter Rabbit," "Hotel Transylvania 3") and a "Wedding Crashers"-style comedy called "Church Hoppers."

Curry's Unanimous Media can also delve into music and video games, per Wallenstein, who added the Warriors All-Star isn't ashamed of keeping his content family-friendly:

In a league known for star athletes who loom large in popular culture as cool, Curry is all too aware that his wholesome image and family values might elicit a different kind of adjective that starts with a "c." "I don't mind being called corny," he says. "I'm comfortable with who I am."