Stephen Jackson threatens Serge 'Abaka' on Twitter

On Friday night, Serge Ibaka and Metta World Peace got tangled up in an altercation during the Thunder's victory over OKC. 

Following the game, a former teammate of MWP's, Stephen Jackson, who accompanied him into the stands during the Malace in the Palace, took to Twitter to threaten who he called "Abaka" should the player have any problems with Jackson the next time the Spurs and Thunder meet up. 

So that's nice. He misspells Ibaka's name, and then promises to "go" in his mouth, whatever that means. (And I really do not want to ask.)

The random, unprovoked, unsolicited comment comes after a fairly incendiary interview with Jackson was published by ESPN, where the veteran forward admits he "enjoyed" punching fans in Detroit, and about openly shooting at people during the event at the strip club where he was hit by a car. 

In completely unrelated news, Jackson is promoting his rap album he released singles of this fall. 

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