Steve Kerr predicted Warriors would win six straight after trailing 3-2 in Western finals

The Warriors came really close to not repeating as NBA champions. In the Western Conference finals, the Rockets had a 3-2 lead over the Warriors in the series along with home-court advantage. Houston had won two in a row and all the series momentum was on its side. 

Despite the circumstances the Warriors faced at the time, there was no doubt from Steve Kerr that his team was going to win the series. In fact, he predicted they would win six in a row on their way to another championship. Kerr could have just told this to his players as a motivational tactic, but he doubled down on his shot call by telling The Athletic the same thing.

With the 2018 title secure, Steve Kerr is now more open to discussing something that happened in the Western Conference finals, and I can attest to its veracity. In the immediate aftermath of the Game 5 that put the Warriors in a 3-2 hole, Kerr was insistent that the Warriors were winning the series. "Look, we're winning the next two," he said. He then went even further than that, predicting six victories in a row.

He told his staff, he told The Athletic (embargoed information until tonight). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he told his players. Kerr began by hugging Draymond Green, and conveying the message he'd give next to Steph Curry, then to the others, as he walked around the Houston locker room: We're going to win six straight games.

On Friday night, a champagne-soaked Kerr reminisced, "You thought I was crazy but I told you, I felt good after Game 5 in the Houston series. I just saw something and I thought, yeah we got this. Now there's a lot of chance that can happen. Somebody sprains an ankle, or the ball bounces the wrong way, whatever, but I felt like as long as nothing happened injury-wise, we were going to win that series."  

Well, six straight wins later and it looks like Kerr called it perfectly. Of course, Golden State needed some luck to bounce the Warriors' way to make sure this happened. Chris Paul sat out the final two games of the Western Conference finals with a hamstring injury. J.R. Smith made a legendary mistake in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. And as we learned after the Finals ended, LeBron James apparently broke his hand

Despite all of this, the Warriors still won the championship, and at the end of the day, that's what matters. Nobody is going to care about the context of this series 10 years from now. It will only be remembered as the Warriors' third title in four years. The one that Steve Kerr perfectly predicted while down 3-2 in the Western Conference finals.

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