Yet again Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has the best selling jersey in the NBA and according to his coach Steve Kerr, that is probably because of the nation's youth.

Kerr believes that Curry is quite the popular figure among the young NBA fan base, more so than Michael Jordan ever was.

From the Associated Press:

"The crowd size is similar, but the biggest difference is the children that gravitate toward Steph," Kerr said in comparing the two players' fan base following. "You see so many little kids with Steph jerseys begging for his autograph."


"They all identify with him," Kerr said prior to the Warriors' game Wednesday night against the Jordan-owned Hornets. "He's probably the rare superstar where an 8-year-old kid can go, 'He looks just like me. Maybe I can do it.'"

"Any guy that is short with a clean-cut face, kids are going to navigate to," Dell Curry said with a laugh. "I see a lot of that in Steph. It's like, 'I don't have to be 6-foot-8 with bulging muscles to be a professional player.'"

Kerr played with Jordan during the heyday of the Chicago Bulls, so he is well versed in the mania that surrounded the Hall of Fame superstar. And Kerr has a point: Curry doesn't resembles your typical superstar player so it is easier for children to relate to him since he looks an Average Joe. Curry's style of play, his ability to shoot threes from ridiculous distances and his lightning-quick handles are signature elements of his game that also causes casual fans of all ages to gravitate to him.

Jordan had the iconic "Be Like Mike" ad campaign and was extremely popular compared to other NBA players when he played, but his skills on the basketball court were viewed more as the moves of a basketball god and undoable by mere mortals. Everything about Jordan was marketed this way, which was quite successful but it also put him on a different echelon. Children grew up wanting have the athletic prowess of Jordan but quickly realized that it was unattainable goal. On the other hand with Curry, children can imitate him a lot easier than Jordan since shooting and dribbling is part of the fundamentals of basketball.

Of course, Curry may never top Jordan when it comes to the sneaker hype. Jordan is the king of the sneaker world while Curry's Under Armour sneaker hasn't been selling that well, despite his superstar status.