Warriors coach Steve Kerr is known for being socially aware, and never has been one to shy away from speaking about politics. Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated wrote about Kerr's Warriors this week and shared a quote that didn't make it into his final piece. Ballard asked Kerr about what it takes to be a good coach. Kerr went into philosophies briefly and talked about Bob Knight before switching gears, taking a shot at President Donald Trump by calling him a "blowhard" who "couldn't be more ill-suited to be president."

This isn't the first time Kerr has been critical of Trump. He spoke candidly after Trump's election win to the media and essentially called out the American people, and has also spoken on recent issues such as the travel ban Trump deployed.

Kerr has not coached since Game 2 of the first round as he deals with back issues, though he reportedly will travel with the team to San Antonio for Games 3 and 4 of the Western Conference finals.