Steve Nash practices with Lakers, expected to start Game 2

The Los Angeles Lakers can't afford to lose any more players against the San Antonio Spurs with Kobe Bryant sitting at home and preventing himself from tweeting out his thoughts. With the way Steve Nash was moving in Game 1, as he deals with back and hamstring injuries that have affected his mobility, there was concern after the Lakers' 91-79 loss that their point guard might not be able to play in Game 2.

However, after a light practice with the team on Monday, Nash apparently feels good enough to be considered a probable starter Wednesday against the Spurs as the Lakers try to even the series before heading back to Los Angeles.

Nash finished the first game against the Spurs with 16 points on 6-of-15 shooting from the field and just three assists. He struggled to defend Tony Parker at times and just looked like he could hardly move in the direction he wanted his body to go. He's been battling injuries all seaon long, and missed the final eight games of the regular season.

He only played in 50 games during the regular season and had his lowest assist rate in more than a decade. The Lakers need him on the court and healthy enough to remind the Spurs of the nightmares he used to cause them when his Phoenix Suns teams would battle San Antonio in the playoffs. 

CBS Sports Writer

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