Stiviano tells 20/20 Donald Sterling is not a racist

V. Stiviano says Donald Sterling has been 'traumatized.' (Getty Images)
V. Stiviano says Donald Sterling has been 'traumatized.' (Getty Images)

The woman on the recorded conversations with banned Donald Sterling that lead to the 80-year-old Clippers owner's lifetime ban spoke with Barbara Walters Friday night on ABC, because that's how our culture works now. 

In the interview, the woman who is being sued by Sterling's wife for embezzlement, said that Starling isn't a racist, somehow, and described her role in his life as his "silly rabbit," whatever that means. Transcript from Deadspin: 

BW: Is Donald Sterling a racist?

VS: No, I don't believe that in my heart.

BW: Have you heard him say derogatory things about other races?

VS: Yes.

BW: Don't those sound racist to you?

VS: I think the things he says are not what he feels.

via V. Stiviano Appears On 20/20, Says Donald Sterling Is Not A Racist.

And from the AP: 

V. Stiviano says Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is confused and traumatized after the NBA banned him for life for racist statements he made during a recorded conversation with her.

Stiviano told Barbara Walters on ABC's "20/20" that Sterling feels alone and not supported by those around him, but added that he should "absolutely" apologize for telling her to not post online photos of herself with black people, including basketball great Magic Johnson.

via Stiviano speaks about Sterling, recording.

Sterling was banned for life on Tuesday by Adam Silver and the NBA Board of Governors advisory committee voted to pursue termination of ownership in regards to Stering Thursday. Sterling is expected to sue, and recently said that he "should have just paid" Stiviano off. 

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