Suns not ruling out drafting point guard with No. 5 pick

The Suns are in a tough spot. They tried to put together a team that could win some games last season and spent some money to get there. Luis Scola off the amnesty wire. Goran Dragic to a multi-year deal. 

Michael Beasley, three years, $18 million. 

And now they have a rebuild in front of them, with new GM Ryan McDonough charged with trying to really find a solid plan instead of the haphazard approach they've taken the last few years. With this draft, they just need talent. It's not a strategic positioning draft for them. They're in that unfortunate position of having considerable-money veterans on roster and needing to go young. They need the best player, which might mean forcing a logjam. 

Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports the Suns will consider every option, including point guard, which has considerable depth at their No. 5 spot. The Suns have Dragic and drafted Kendall Marshall last season, though Marshall did little to assuage fears about his lack of athleticism and played limited minutes. 

“There’s no player or subset of players, even at five, that I can put aside and say, ‘OK, this guy or these guys definitely won’t be there. I don’t need to worry about them,’ ” Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough said. “I feel like, even at five, we need to be prepared for every scenario, like every guy on the board could be there.”


The Suns will take a best-player-available approach into this year’s draft, not even ruling out a point-guard selection with Goran Dragic under a long-term deal and Kendall Marshall and Diante Garrett coming off rookie seasons.

via Phoenix Suns contemplating options for 5th pick in NBA draft.

You should like this approach from McDonough. Dragic was actually the Suns' best player this season, but it's yet to be determined whether he should be a starter or reserve. Marshall showed little to make you think he's a star. 

Star power in this draft is almost non-existent. But if the Suns like Trey Burke or Michael Carter-Williams as the best talent available, they should take one of them. There's almost no chance of them making significant strides this season, so they need to focus on talent. 

Logjam or not, they need the best player available. 

HT: Bright Side of the Sun

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