Suns owner says Alvin Gentry's job not in jeopardy

Gentry is safe for now. (Getty Images)

Suns owner Robert Sarver told ESPN that coach Alvin Gentry's job is not in danger despite the team's abysmal start, saying "it's still early in the season." 

The Suns at 7-15 find themselves to have validated every preseason concern about their roster. They can't get stops, their offense is clunky and disjointed, and Michael Beasley is still Michael Beasley. Gentry has clashed with center Marcin Gortat, who has groused about his role and minutes, and none of the new additions have taken off. 

Truth be told, any conversations about the Suns' season and potential changes should not start with Gentry. He has proven that with the right talent he can be successful, at least to a point. The roster construction, on the other hand, was widely questioned before the year. Goran Dragic was given a big contract without having really arrived at point guard, and he has been one of the few bright spots. 

Luis Scola looks as if his slide last year was not a blip on the radar and more an indication of the struggles of an aging player. Gortat looks simply mediocre without Steve Nash running the show. Throw in marginal improvements from the younger players and a remaining roster that is limited, and you have a recipe for disaster. 

The Suns had tried unsuccessfully to land Eric Gordon in free agency with a max contract. Gordon has not played a single game for New Orleans this season due to knee soreness. If the Suns had landed Gordon and their magical training staff had been unable to compensate for his issues, how bad would this roster look compared to the money spent on it? 

But at least Sarver is acting rationally, which isn't a surprise. But if it's light at the end of the tunnel that he's looking for, that bright light coming toward them isn't the Suns. It's a train. 

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