Suns unveil new jerseys to mixed results

The Suns unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday night, and there was some good and some bad, like with most uniforms. 

Let's break 'em down!

First up, from the official store: 

Oh, sleeved jerseys. How I hate you. 

So if you took a pumpkin, and blended it, and then poured it all over a t-shirt, voila! That orange isn't really burned, it's more seared. Gently smoked? 

Anyway, sleeves are awful, this thing sucks, let's move on. 

(I do like the very-IBM-in-the-1980s logo, however.)

Now this is more like it! These are the away alternates. Nice subtle shift on the purple, the smart contrast with the white and orange, a subtle nod to the 1990's style jerseys and a cool new font. It also looks like the number is an independent sun, its own flaming ball of gas. There's a Bledsoe ego joke somewhere in here but I'm too lazy to go find it. 

Home jerseys! 

I never like home jerseys, but these aren't bad. The muted orange on the white background looks a little weird, and the black number is a bit severe. But these things are fine. 

You know why? No sleeves!

Via the Arizona Republic, here's what they all looked like on stage Thursday: 

So overall, there are some nice things, and these are at least bold. 

But seriously, the jerseys gotta go. 

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