Somewhere in the fictitious executive floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Jack Donaghy of "30 Rock" is probably enjoying a glass of scotch while relishing in General Electric's latest achievement -- putting its logo on the Boston Celtics jerseys. That's right, the Celtics are the latest NBA team to land a jersey sponsorship.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the Celtics have agreed to put GE's logos on their uniform starting next season.

The Celtics are the third NBA team to land a jersey sponsorship, which the league approved last season. The Philadelphia 76ers and the Sacramento Kings are the two other teams that have already sold ads on their jerseys. The Sixers will be sponsored by Stubhub and Blue Diamond Almonds will be displayed on Kings' jerseys next season.

GE is building a headquarters in Boston, so sponsoring the Celtics may be part of the company's marketing plan to ingratiate itself with the city. It will likely cost GE a pretty penny (terms of the contract have not been made public) but maybe this will help rekindle the make-believe romance between Donaghy and his high school crush Nancy Donovan.