The Bucks are one of eight teams that will be wearing throwback jerseys this season and they're going all out on the entire process. Not only will Milwaukee be wearing their throwback jerseys on Oct. 26, against the Celtics, but they'll have a retro court to go along with them.

Milwaukee will be playing in its old arena, the MECCA. The Bucks played in the MECCA up to 1988 and the team announced Friday that along with the retro jerseys and arena, they will re-design the court to look just like it did in the '80s as a true homage to the Bucks teams of old.

A replication of the "court that made Milwaukee famous" will be used for the Bucks "Return to the MECCA" game on Thursday, Oct. 26 against the Boston Celtics, which starts at 7 p.m. When the Bucks and Celtics take the floor at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, formerly known as the MECCA, they'll do so on a replica of the famous Robert Indiana-designed court that the Bucks played on from 1977 through the team's final season in the MECCA in 1987-88.  



Not every team has a chance to go retro this season and it's great that those who can are going all in on it. The Bucks very easily could have just worn their classic unis for one game at an old arena, but they went all in on it with a redesigned court as well. A very nice touch.

Retro court redesigns are become more of the norm these days and that is a great thing for the NBA. Teams like the Kings and Raptors have done it in the past to large fan approval. The more teams that get in on this trend the better.