The Celtics are deciding who would win in a fight, Humphries or Rondo?

You've probably been debating that question -- who wins in a fight, Rajon Rondo or Kris Humphries -- with your friends for years now. Well, the Celtics are voting on it, kind of. 

Via, the Celtics have a voting board in their locker room tallying votes for either Rondo or Humphries. There's a backstory here, isn't there? 

The video above is a scuffle from last season that involved mostly Humphries and Rondo, after Rondo took exception to a foul Humphries had on Kevin Garnett (who oddly enough, now plays for the Nets). 

Humphries explained the voting board to the team's official website: “(Keith) Bogans is always joking about it. I think in the locker room, there’s a thing that says Rondo and Hump and I think we’re tied with who would win in a fight on the vote.”

Rondo wants a recount though, because after being asked about it on Boston radio, he said, "I think I'm up."

Don't worry, you guys. They're not serious. It's just a little locker room humor between the two.

“We were going to start a feud on Twitter just to mess around with the fans,” said Rondo. “But Kris is a great guy, I have nothing bad to say about him. That was just a heat of the moment battle – and if somebody did that same thing to Kris during the game, I would do the same thing for him.

“That’s just how I look at the guys in my locker room, I just try to take up for them, not necessarily starting a fight, but just let them know we’re not going to be pushovers. And I thought that situation had to be handled that way. Other than that, I didn’t expect to get suspended or go into the stands. It’s just how it happened. Like I said, in the heat of the moment I’m very competitive and that’s how the game went.”

After the scuffle lasts season, Humphries tweeted this picture:

But they're over it. They've moved on. 

“That was really nothing. It’s basketball," Humphries said. "If you watch some old NBA games in the 80s man, people are throwing punches and not even getting kicked out of the game. That was nothing, and I’m actually excited to play with a guard that can play up-tempo the whole game, and be really – he’s exciting to watch, and I can’t wait to play with him.”

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