The free agency madness has hit 'tracking-Dan-Gilbert's-plane' levels

Planes, Trains, and LeBron James, starring Dan Gilbert.  (USATSI)
Planes, Trains, and LeBron James, starring Dan Gilbert. (USATSI)

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We've hit a new low point, or (depending on your perspective) high point, in the ridiculousness of NBA online free agency discussion. Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers are now tracking a plane owned by a partner company of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert headed to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., which they believe Gilbert is on, en route to a meeting with LeBron James that Gilbert himself says he's not on. 

Let's go down the rabbit hole! 

First, a radio personality in Cleveland kicked it off Sunday morning: 

Then Gilbert responded:

But not so fast! Cleveland fans are on the case!

Lull kind of side-stepped a bit.

Then the conspiracy deepened!

So this is the theory: Gilbert is not being truthful and is on the plane, or Gilbert has sent the plane to Fort Lauderdale, an hour or so north of Miami, to pick up a someone (or someones) who may be connected to LeBron James, to bring them to Cleveland. Why Fort Lauderdale and not Miami? Because that's just what you would expect them to do! It's all spycraft here at Wacky Dan's House of Free Agency.

That'll wrap it up for "Why We Should Just Go Ahead and Kill the Internet," this Sunday morning. I'm your host, Matt Moore. Good luck, and good night. 

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