Carmelo Anthony may have (finally) agreed to sign with the Houston Rockets earlier this week, but before he starts that chapter of his career, it's important to remember his last chapter.

No, I'm not talking about his one-year stint in Oklahoma City. I'm talking about his five-day stint with the Atlanta Hawks

Sure, the Melo era in Atlanta was pretty unspectacular -- to be fair, the Melo era anywhere but Syracuse is pretty unspectacular. He never even stepped foot on the floor for the Hawks after they traded for him and then immediately bought him out, but that doesn't mean that it's not a chapter worth appreciating. 

 A few weeks ago, Anthony let it be known that he wanted to immortalize his Hawks tenure by getting ahold of the jersey that he never actually got to wear for the team. 

It may have taken a little time, but this week the Hawks delivered. Because if you're going to pay a guy millions of dollars ($27.9 million, to be exact) to NOT play for your basketball team, an additional $250 jersey probably doesn

(Ahem...I believe you mean "its," Atlanta social media team.) 

That's a pretty hilarious, playful gesture by the Hawks, and apparently LeBron James agreed. The new Lakers forward had to chime in and pay respects to Carmelo's service in Atlanta.

The thing that nobody seems to be talking about here is how this move by the Hawks sets a dangerous precedent moving forward. Now the Nets look like jerks for sending Dwight Howard on his way with nothing to show for his 14-second stay in Brooklyn this summer. Now their only choice is to one-up the Hawks and retire Dwight's number.