The Heat get in on the Harlem Shake craze that has already passed

Here are 10 reasons why I hate this "Harlem Shake meme" video by the Miami Heat:

1. The Harlem Shake craze jumped the shark weeks ago. This would be like if the Heat started posting pictures of them planking. 

2. I have to do a post on it because Matt Moore called "not it" before I saw the video. 

3. It's not just 50 seconds of Chris Andersen flapping his arms in the video. At the beginning, I heard the beat come on and he was flapping his wings and I was hoping it would just be that hypnotic motion for the whole video.

4. I have that song stuck in my head now.

5. Those Jabbawockeez-type masks give me the creeps and now I'm going to think of mimes, which also freak me out. I'm sorry if there are mimes reading this post and offended by that last sentence, but you know what you do out there. It's creepy. 

6. Mario Chalmers dressed up like Super Mario and Chris Bosh didn't go along with it and dressed up like Yoshi. 

7. Dwyane Wade's new nickname. It has nothing to do with this video but it's pretty dumb.

8. It's not the actual Harlem Shake. Kids, these days...

9. Now I want the Minnesota Timberwolves to do one of these videos because it would be extremely awkward. Actually, they would just all be in the trainer's room getting treatment while Greg Stiemsma did the dance. That would be depressing. 

10. Seriously, that song is stuck in my head like an earwig. 

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