"The Last Dance" has been one of the most popular sports items during the coronavirus pandemic. It has offered basketball fans a glimpse into the Chicago Bulls' historic 1998-99 season and superstar Michael Jordan, all in the middle of a time when live sports have stopped in America.

In the latest installment of the ESPN documentary series, Jordan's popular Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" colorway shoes were discussed, and it's given many shopping fever. Resale prices for the sneaker have gone through the roof, according to HighSnobiety.com. The Air Jordan 1, which debuted in 1985, has been selling for an average price of $836 on the popular sneaker marketplace StockX, but since the most recent episodes of "The Last Dance" aired, prices have topped $1,500.

The Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" colorway was released again in 2015. Over the past calendar year, 914 pairs of the classic red, black, and white shoe have been sold for a markup of 712.3 percent.

The "Chicago" colorway has always been one of the most iconic shoes in the sneaker world and extremely popular in the marketplace. Clearly, "The Last Dance" has increased that fact even further. Sellers are certainly making a great deal of cash due to the popularity of the documentary series.