Watch Now: Player Reaction: The Last Dance (12:08)

The fact of the matter is that Michael Jordan's personality and drive to succeed resonates with professional athletes more than any other type of person in the world. It's what has made "The Last Dance" an absolute gift for those who fall into that category.

For proof of this, one has to look no further than arguably the impetus behind this series arriving in the spring instead of during its regularly scheduled debut in the summer. LeBron James's tweet as the world began to shut down for coronavirus-related quarantines was a call for the documentary to get moved up so that people could have something new to watch while everything is pretty much at a standstill.

While there are certainly plenty of ordinary sports fans that would find the subject of arguably the greatest player in NBA history fascinating, it's telling that LeBron -- who is also very much in that running -- made such a strong push for the early release. Even he, someone who would have every right to brush off anyone else who has played in the NBA, looks to the greatness and success of Michael Jordan with a certain reverence that many others have. But James is one of a handful of people in the world who could possibly have an understanding of what it's like to be in someone like Jordan's shoes.

For many, the end of the docuseries was a cathartic conclusion of a five-week escape from everything going on in the world. For the professional athletes that watched alongside the rest of us, it seemed to be a bit more than that. Here are some examples of that emotion.