Following the most recent episodes of The Last Dance, John Michael Wozniak became an internet session. Wozniak, who served as a personal security guard for Michael Jordan for several years, was seen hitting Jordan with the classic Jordan shrug after beating the Chicago Bulls star at a game of quarters.

In a 2016 interview with Matt Welty of Complex, Wozniak revealed that Jordan asked members of his security team to get Jumpman tattoos and Wozniak obliged.

"We went with Michael to a tattoo place in Chicago," Wozniak said. "He said, 'Put them on,' and we all ended up getting (the Jumpman logo) tattooed on our arms."

Wozniak served as one of Jordan's security guards for several years. He also was a United States Army veteran and former narcotics officer with the Chicago Police Department.

"I traveled with Michael to every major city in the U.S., but I also went along with his family on vacations, to events, even all the way to Paris," Wozniak told Complex. "All over the world. A tremendous bond was formed, and we took it seriously. I have a special relationship with Michael that I share to this day."

Wozniak died on Jan. 18, 2020 at the age of 69.