"The Last Dance" has been captivating basketball fans over the last two weeks and continued on Sunday with the third and fourth episodes of the documentary series. The majority of the episodes focused on Dennis Rodman and the Chicago Bulls' battle with the Detroit Pistons.

However, one very underrated moment took place when Michael Jordan aired out teammate Scott Burrell's partying lifestyle for the world to see when they were flying on the team plane.

"He never gets his sleep," Jordan said on the team plane while referring to Burrell as "Dennis Rodman Jr." "Single man, and he thinks he can hang out all night."

Burrell was shy about his behavior being put on blast by Jordan and even added that his parents are going to see the footage one day.

"Mom and Dad, he's an alcoholic," Jordan added with a laugh.

Following the airing of the episode, Burrell joined CBS Sports HQ to recap the scene. Burrell felt it was necessary to warn his parents about the scene prior to Sunday's episode being aired.

"Well, I warned my parents about that part. I knew that part was coming and someone told that it was coming in tonight's episode," Burrell said. "So I was like 'when it's coming?' So I'm sitting on the couch watching with my wife and I was like 'what is she going think? What are her parents going to think?' But you know what, it was 20-something years ago, so it's a different way of life."

Burrell's wife Jeane Coakley, who is an anchor at SNY, took took all of this in stride and tweeted through it.

Burrell has definitely grown up quite a bit since those days. The former Bull is now the head men's basketball coach at Southern Connecticut State University after spending time as an assistant coach at Quinnipiac.