Michael Jordan promised that the world would see his darker side in "The Last Dance." Episodes 5 and 6 delivered. The series profiled Jordan's gambling habits on Sunday, including his infamous trip to Atlantic City during the 1993 Eastern Conference finals as well as his golfing relationships with gamblers Slim Bouler and Richard Esquinas. 

Now, ESPN's 10-part series is set to dive into some of his more heinous acts on the court. Specifically, that means they'll dive into some of the consequences of his well-known competitiveness, including a late-career incident in which he punched teammate Steve Kerr, as the trailer shows. 

"Phil [Jackson] sensed my aggression," Jordan explained, diving into a practice in which he was guarded by Kerr. "But he was trying to tone me down, and he starts calling these ticky-tack fouls. And I'm getting mad because for you to be protecting this guy, that's not gonna help us when we play New York, that's not gonna help us when we play these teams that are very physical. Next time he did, I just haul off and I said, when I fouled Steve Kerr, I said 'now that's a f---ing foul'."

Meanwhile, Kerr grew angrier and angrier, and eventually couldn't help himself from retaliating. 

"He hauls off and hits me in the chest, and I just haul off and hit him in the f---ing eye. And Phil just throws me out of practice."

Kerr was not the only teammate Jordan ever punched. Will Perdue has admitted that Jordan punched him in a practice as well. Part of what makes him so compelling even decades after the fact is the extraordinary lengths he was willing to go to win. If he thought punching his own teammate would help him win a championship, he was going to do it.