The NBA under Adam Silver is sending teams blown-call reports

Mark Cuban's an early fan of the new commish.  (USATSI)
Mark Cuban's an early fan of the new commish. (USATSI)

For years, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has battled the league when it comes to official transparency. He's wanted more accountability when officials make bad calls or trend in the direction of one team or another. And after over a decade of battling David Stern on such matters, it appears Cuban's going to like the Adam Silver quite a bit more. Why? 

Because Silver is having the league send reports of blown calls to the teams. From Bleacher Report: 

“I think he’s taken some great steps on the officiating,” Cuban said. “There’s been more changes in 15 days, or whatever it is, than I saw in 14 years.”

Cuban then divulged the most significant of those changes: The league is now sending its teams regular reports on blown calls by the referees. It’s one of the first steps in Silver’s push for greater transparency. Cuban has been advocating for measures like this since he purchased the Mavericks in 2000.

“So I like what he’s doing there,” Cuban said.

via Mark Cuban Reveals 1st Big Change in Post-Stern Era: More Transparency on Refs.

"Transparency" was definitely Silver's keyword at his first public appearance and series of interviews over All-Star Weekend. That's been his mantra, and it's a curious departure from what was, under David Stern, a league that kept things very close to the vest. 

The Tim Donaghy scandal is coming up on seven years old. In the wake of the revelation that an NBA official had been gambling on his own games and Donaghy's subsequent conviction, the NBA launched its own independent investigation, released the findings, answered questions as strongly as possible, and moved away from it with little damage done. This would appear to be a stronger move to avoid the appearance of conspiracy, which has plagued the league since the 1985 draft. 

It's also a smart move in the digital era where sites (like this one) capture and post video and GIFs of key calls on a daily basis. The league is building more trust with its owners, coaches, and players, and by extension, with the public. Its a bold move from Silver, one that says "We have nothing to hide." Public and shareholder confidence is never a bad thing in business. 

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