The players who went too high and too low in this NBA Draft

The 2013 NBA Draft is now officially behind us.

Who went higher than he should've?

And lower than he should've?

Let's take a look.


5. Alex Len: I'm just not sold that Len will be a nice NBA player considering he never emerged as a star or led Maryland to anywhere of note through two years of college. Put me in charge of the draft, and Len goes closer to 10 than where he was actually selected. But, thank god, he wasn't the No. 1 overall pick. That was the rumor this time Thursday, and that never made much sense.

12. Steven Adams: Should you take a guaranteed D-League player in the lottery? If you're as good as Oklahoma City will be next season, perhaps you can. But this is a total upside pick, and, the problem is, I just don't love Adams' upside as much as some, specifically Sam Presti.

23. Solomon Hill: I was stunned when the Pacers took Hill at 23. Why do that? For starters, I'm not sure what Indiana sees in Hill to make it think the four-year player at Arizona is worth a guaranteed contract. But let's say I'm wrong and the Pacers are right, that Hill will be a good NBA player. Fine. But why take him at 23? That was unnecessary. The Pacers should've moved out of the first round and selected Hill later, at worst.

26. Andre Roberson: I don't hate the Roberson pick as much as I hate some of these others. But I just don't think he'll end up being one of the top 30 guys from this draft despite being picked 26th. The former Colorado standout is not a small forward, and he's too small to play power forward. I anticipate that being a problem. But we'll see.

57. Alex Oriakhi: I've watched Oriakhi play dozens of times and never once thought he looked like an NBA player. In fairness, he went 57th. So what's the big deal? But why waste a pick on somebody who has shown throughout a four-year college career than he can't play in the NBA? Why not use that pick to take a flyer on a younger prospect and give yourself some hope?


6. Nerlens Noel: Noel has long been considered the top prospect in this draft, and I'm not sure how or why that changed so drastically. His knee is reportedly fine. So it's not that. In short, I think, people made mistakes here. Noel should've never fallen out of the top five.

9. Trey Burke: I had Burke going second overall in my mock draft even though I knew that probably wouldn't happen. I just wanted to make a point about how much I like him, and so I was hoping he'd land in a nice spot where he'll be able to flourish. Utah is that spot. Burke will be the NBA Rookie of the Year. I'd take odds on that right now.

34. Isaiah Canaan: I'm not sure if Canaan will start the season with Houston or in the D-League, but he's going to be a rotation player in the NBA. He's a steal at 34.

37. Tony Mitchell: The Pistons managed to get a lottery talent outside of the top 35, which is always nice. Who knows if Mitchell will tap into his potential? But if he does, watch out. This is a prospect with lots of natural ability, one who was undeniably worth a flyer at this point in the draft.

58. Deshaun Thomas: I recognize all of Thomas' deficiencies, but there weren't 57 better players in this draft. He'll be able to score off the bench in the NBA. The Spurs just got another second-round steal, which is so like the Spurs.

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