The Trail Blazers have a question about the Eastern Conference

Have you heard? The Eastern Conference is horrifically horribly bad. Two teams above .500, two teams with a plus point differential, and the current fourth-place team is 8-12. 

So the upstart Trail Blazers, who are 15-3 and atop the West currently, have a question:

I assume the "friend" they're asking for is probably the Pelicans, who at 9-8 and currently on the outside of the West, would be sitting third in the East right now. 


The Blazers, who appear to be in great position after their hot start, probably understand the reality that the giants of the West might end up wearing them down throughout the rest of the season. They're 7-3 currently against the West, but 8-0 against the East. Not hard to figure why they're asking. 

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