The Warriors are a franchise that makes a run at the biggest stars they possibly can. Ever since Joe Lacob and Bob Meyers took over that has become what they're known for. Sure, they got Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green through a mix of development and luck. However, they've always been a team that tried to get their foot in the door in free agency.

They signed Andre Iguodala, talked to Dwight Howard at one point in 2012, and eventually got the biggest name of all last summer with Kevin Durant. There was even a point in all of this that they made a serious effort to swing a trade with the Clippers for Chris Paul. Tim Kawakami of The Athletic reports that this is just the Warriors being the Warriors.

They simply want every good player they can get....In July 2012, the Warriors actually secured a meeting with Dwight Howard (then the most desired free agent on the board) and pivoted swiftly to Iguodala as soon as Howard signed with Houston. Lacob and Myers once also went hard after Chris Paul but couldn't agree to trade terms with the Clippers.

There isn't any information about the potential Chris Paul deal other than Golden State making a run at him, but that's a pretty huge deal considering what Golden State already has on the roster. Part of why the Warriors have become the Warriors is everything that Curry does with the ball in his hands. Would a ball-dominant player like Paul have been able to work next to him? Could they have been traded for each other?

Paul is in Houston now and most would sum up his time in Los Angeles as good but below expectations. It's interesting to wonder what Paul's career would have been like had he ended up in the Bay Area with Golden State. Not only for Paul himself, but for the NBA as a whole. Does Durant leave for Golden State with Paul there? Is Curry allowed to be unleashed on the world if he's not with the Warriors?

This just shows what a front office like the Warriors has always been capable of. If those guys see an opportunity to get the best talent available then they will make an attempt and figure out the details later. It seems like an obvious strategy, but not everybody has the ability to do that. The Warriors do. However, considering what they are now, they're probably happy with the results without Paul.