Thunder vs. Jazz: Mitt Romney taunts Russell Westbrook courtside after getting in foul trouble

The first half of Monday night's Thunder-Jazz showdown in Salt Lake City had just about everything you want in a playoff game. Technical fouls, Joe Ingles staring down Paul George, Mitt Romney taunting reigning MVP winner Russell Westbrook. You name it.

Hold up, hold up: I buried the lede. Mitt Romney taunted Russell Westbrook courtside -- and in a customized jersey with his name on it, no less! -- after he picked up his fourth personal foul late in the second quarter.

As the Twitter world was quick to point out, Romney's No. 5 jersey was the same number Rodney Hood, who is now with the Cavs, wore with the Jazz. It's also the same number as current guard David Stockton, the son of John Stockton.

But Romney rolls with his own customized jersey and name plate.

A former presidential candidate taunting a star in the NBA is a premium viewing experience you only get in the playoffs.

And apparently, only in Salt Lake City.

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