The Oklahoma City Thunder added another young big man to their stable of them on Thursday, acquiring Enes Kanter from the Utah Jazz in a three-team trade. Kanter, who had told reporters just before the All-Star break that he wanted out, was excited about the move. From The Oklahoman:

First thoughts when you heard it was OKC?

Just that it’s a winning team. I was just really happy that I’m with these players and a winning team.

How do you see yourself fitting in here?

I’m just going to fit in, just try to do my best.

What was the issue in Utah?

Uh…I just didn’t see me as a fit there. I just wanted to go to a different team and I’m happy it was OKC.

So, he didn't exactly have a ton to say in his first media availability. Let's see what Steve Novak, who also went from Utah to Oklahoma City, said about him, again via The Oklahoman:

Enes (Kanter) was a guy who obviously wanted the trade, so I’m sure he’s embraced it. But you’ve been on a lot of teams. Do you give him any advice about switching teams, things like that?

Nah, I just told him he needed to apologize to my family because he was the one going to the media causing all the problems and next thing you know, my wife’s crying and it’s his fault (laughs). No, no. I know it was something that he’s been vocal about wanting to change places and obviously to get a call from OKC is much more than he would have asked.

You know Enes better than we do. A little scouting report on his game?

If I were you, I’d ask his agent. Because I heard he was saying he’s one of the best players of this generation (laughs). But, no, to be honest he’s an elite offensive player in terms of his ability to shoot the ball and post up. Such a strong guy. Young. So I think we’ve really seen this year glimpses of him at his best really scoring the ball and really running hard. I think he’s going to get a lot better.

Kanter is set to start for his new team against the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday, which he must be rather excited about. He was starting with the Jazz, too, but it was clearly only a matter of time before Rudy Gobert took over that role. Kanter clearly felt marginalized there, and he never quite fit next to Derrick Favors like the front office hoped he would. With the Thunder, the hope is that things can be different, as Serge Ibaka and the currently injured Steven Adams should be able to help make up for his defensive deficiencies.

There are still questions, however, about how things will work in OKC. The former No. 3 overall pick provides a post presence this team has never had, so it'll be an adjustment feeding him the ball on the block. There's also the fact that rookie Mitch McGary has shown some positive signs lately, which means Kanter could be caught in another logjam. This is a fresh start for him, though, in a place that has a great track record with player development and should give him an opportunity to make a name for himself. He got what he wanted.  

Enes Kanter is happy to be away from Utah.  (USATSI)
Enes Kanter is happy to be away from Utah. (USATSI)