Thunder's Russell Westbrook is off crutches, says 'I'm back'

The Thunder's Russell Westbrook is done with crutches. And with good reason, he's trying to break them and throw them into a swimming pool.

Westbrook posted the above on his Vine account Saturday, which obviously suggests he's off crutches and is moving on to the next part of his rehab.

"I'm back," he says while shooting a basketball into a pool.

The timetable for Westbrook's recovery had him on crutches for roughly 4-6 weeks, but that wasn't really firm. It's been just over six weeks since Westbrook had his surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

"No more time for those thangs!!!! Time for some work!!!!! #whynot," Westbrook wrote as a caption.

Westbrook injured his knee in Game 2 of the opening round of the NBA playoffs against the Rockets when he collided with Patrick Beverley. Because of it, Westbrook underwent surgery and was forced to miss the remainder of the postseason. 

Westbrook actually began his rehab process the same day as his surgery. The team and Westbrook elected to do a full repair of his meniscus rather than either play with it damaged or do a "clean up" procedure.

“When we see players return quickly from these procedures, it’s easy to see the short-term beneft of that," general manager Sam Presti said in April. "But they’re returning because the meniscus was not able to be repaired. In fact, it is removed. Which allows there to be some short-term gain, but ultimately there’s a long-term loss. So any time you enter into these types of situations, what you’re looking for is a full repair, which is what Russell was able to have."

The expectation remains that Westbrook will be ready and fully healthy for Oklahoma City's training camp in October.

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