After watching Tim Duncan and (possibly) Manu Ginobili play their last game with the Spurs, point guard Tony Parker wants to have the same feeling.

Paker, who suffered a torn left quadriceps muscle in the Spurs' playoff series against the Rockets, was recently interviewed by the French publication RMC Sport. He insisted that he has no plans to retire this offseason, and that he wants to play three more years with the Spurs. Via News 4 San Antonio:

"I hope that the Spurs will offer me a final contract, Parker said. "I will be entering my final contract year, it will be the first time in my career that I will be free agent. I've already said it several times, I want to play three more seasons, do the 20 seasons with the Spurs, and I think it's two decades. I want to continue to perform well on the floor.

"Mentally, you must be strong to come back from an injury like this. I do not want people to think it was my last game, that I was not going to come back, because in my head, I will come back."

Given the Spurs' track record, it's hard to believe they won't do everything in their power to keep Parker in San Antonio for the duration of his career. The more important question is whether Parker can get to that 20-season milestone he's set for himself.

The 35-year-old has some serious wear and tear on his body after coming into the NBA at 19 and playing most summers with the French national team. He's been banged up over the past few years, but the most recent quad injury is by far the most significant.

In Parker's absence San Antonio will likely find more time for Dejounte Murray, who impressed during his rookie season, and also have an outside shot at landing Clippers point guard Chris Paul this summer. So even if Parker returns healthy in January, as expected, it could be to a back-up role.