Tracy McGrady feels bad for Kobe Bryant after watching the Lakers

McGrady thinks it could be ugly for Kobe when he returns to action. (USATSI)
Tracy McGrady thinks it could be ugly for Kobe Bryant when he returns to action. (USATSI)

The Los Angeles Lakers are probably in for a tough season. They replaced star center Dwight Howard with Chris Kaman, and they've replaced Metta World Peace with Wesley Johnson. They still have talent on the team, but Steve Nash and Pau Gasol's injury concerns from last season are keeping most people from believing the Lakers will be able to provide enough consistency to wait out the return of Kobe Bryant from his torn Achilles' injury.

Even when Bryant does return, nobody can know for sure how he'll respond and recover from such a devastating injury. If Bryant returns to his old self we saw last season, the Lakers should have plenty of offense to be competitive but their defense projects to be a huge issue. Regardless of how he returns, former NBA star Tracy McGrady feels bad about the team that Kobe will be returning to.

McGrady is referring to the game between the Lakers and Utah Jazz from Tuesday night. The Lakers actually won that game by 14 points, but there were moments in which looking at the core of the Lakers didn't exactly blow your socks off. The Lakers received a big effort from the bench in order to secure the victory. Not to mention, it's preseason and you can't take results of those games all that seriously. 

This could be McGrady taking a little jab at a former rival star or this could be him recognizing the lack of talent this Lakers' roster has. We're used to seeing loaded Lakers teams ready to compete in the playoffs. I'm guessing if McGrady had to predict a fate for the Lakers this season, it would not come with playoff expectations.

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