Tracy McGrady is being made fun of by Arby's on Twitter

McGrady can't even dodge the barbs from Arby's on Twitter. (USATSI)
Tracy McGrady can't even dodge the barbs from Arby's on Twitter. (USATSI)

San Antonio Spurs role player Tracy McGrady is one of the more accomplished individuals in the NBA during his era. He never ended up winning an MVP award or making it out of the first round of the playoffs when he was lacing them up and pouring points all over the competition, but he had an incredible run of scoring and playmaking over his prime years for the Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets.

While McGrady will never look like the player we remember from his heyday, he couldn't have possibly fallen off so much in his ability that fast food restaurants are now taking shots at him on Twitter, right? Via SB Nation:

After spending some time in the Chinese Basketball Association last seson, McGrady decided to come back to the NBA and finish out the twilight of his career in the league that made him famous. He played with the Atlanta Hawks in 2011-12 and then caught on with the Spurs right before the 2012-13 season ended. It was a surprise signing at the time. But even more surprising is that Arby's isn't afraid to flex its social media muscle when it comes to T-Mac. 

Hopefully he can get a Big Beef N Cheddar out of this or maybe some curly fries. 

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