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The Canadian federal government ruled on Friday that the Toronto Raptors cannot play games in the country, as they require 14 days of self-isolation when traveling from the U.S.. The Raptors would be traveling between the United States and Canada, and it would be also impossible for U.S. teams to travel in and out while still playing the number of games necessary.

With the ruling, the Raptors have decided to play their games in another location -- one with much warmer weather.

And with that, the Tampa Raptors are officially born.

NBA fans immediately took to Twitter with reactions and jokes about the move.

Here are some of the best reactions:

The Raptors will fit right in.

Shoutout to all the day one Tampa Raptors fans.

The temporary move could spell success, and the city's teams have been good this year.

To all the Orlando fans out there, don't take offense.

Not going to need all that winter gear anymore.

Cue the eye emojis.

They already have new logo designs flooding in.

What will the marketing team come up with this season?

The Durham Bulls are the Tampa Bay Rays Triple-A affiliate and have an offer.